sabbatical 2016

Free wildlife watching in New Zealand

If you know where to go, New Zealand allows you to watch seals, sea lions, penguins and even dolphins in their natural environment for free. And best of all. If you are really lucky you even get to swim with dolphins and seals. 

We also list some non-free locations as these might - depending on your travel plans or weather condition - increase your chance of watching animals.
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Start your time travel at Steampunk HQ in Oamaru

You have a vivid imagination and you wonder what creativity can turn scrap metal into? Then you have to visit the Steampunk HQ at Oamaru. At the time of writing we have been travelling New Zealand for three weeks and besides beautiful nature and wildlife, the Steampunk HQ is the one thing standing out. Even if you are not into Steampunk go there and see were your inspriation takes you. Outside of the museum an airship and a train are on display. Feeding them with a 2\$ coin gives you a glimps of what to expect inside.
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Our first week on New Zealand´s south island

First activities upon arrival in Christchurch

We were glad to arrive in Christchurch as this meant no more flying for the next four weeks. First of all, we were collected by the Jucy shuttle service and took over our camper van - a Jucy Condo suitable for four people and self-contained (prerequisite for freedom camping). After having set up the camper as our "new home", I was really glad to have chosen a camper suitable for four people. This way we could store our rucksacks and still move within the camper without having to relocate our bags all the time.
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How to explore Sydney in three days

I usually prefer the country side when it comes to cities but Sydney is a wonderful. The climate is pleasent, it offers a lot to explore - even nature wise - and the people are friendly and helpful. Only in Sydney people walked up to us and asked if they could give us directions as we were looking at the city map. After covering Singapore the last week, today we explain how to explore Sydney on a three day stopover.
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Three days in Sydney

Arriving in Sydney

Before flying to Chirstchurch, we had a further stop-over in Sydney. Arriving at Sydney airport, it took us about two hours to get through the security checks. Especially when you are checked for drugs, it takes ages: Only about ten arrivals at a time have to stand in a line and put their luggage besides them. Basically, this should not take too long but somehow this has to be explained to each group over and over again which takes a lot of time.
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Two days in Singapore

We arrived in Singapore late in the evening and got a little shock when entering the arrival terminal... The arrival hall was full of tourist lines for the taxis. Therefore, we decided to wonder around a little bit and bingo: If you turn left and walk straight through to the end of the arrival hall, you get to the "Transport Info". For nine \$, we entered a mini bus together with two further couples and reached our hotel about 45 minutes later.
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