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3 Tipps for a successfull stop over in Singapore

Singapore is one of the Asian tiger states and situated ideally for a stop over to and from Australia. The stop over makes it easier to compensate your jet lag and you will get to see an additional destination :-)

Should you be looking for things to do during your stop over our 1.5 days tour might be just the right thing before heading off to your final destination. Should you love cities, our activities can only be the starting point. In any case we would love to see any further input / ideas in the comments should you miss something in this article.
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Susten Pass

View towards the Vordertierberg during a mountaineering training at the Sustenpass, Switzerland.

A glacier mountaineering course conducted by the German Alpin Club (DAV) is a great experience. Besides learning how to safely move in snow and ice, the course also allowed for some very nice pictures.

Enjoy the impressions from the sustenpass by clicking on the thumbnails. All pictures were created using RawTherapee, Luminance HDR and Gimp.
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Walk through an arabian suq and experience the unique atmosphere. Small shops sell everything from spices to electronics. But never ever buy without bargaining about the price.

Images from Agadir and Marrakesh.
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