3 Tipps for a successfull stop over in Singapore

Singapore is one of the Asian tiger states and situated ideally for a stop over to and from Australia. The stop over makes it easier to compensate your jet lag and you will get to see an additional destination :-)

Should you be looking for things to do during your stop over our 1.5 days tour might be just the right thing before heading off to your final destination. Should you love cities, our activities can only be the starting point. In any case we would love to see any further input / ideas in the comments should you miss something in this article.

Getting from and to the airport

Singapore offers three options to get you to your hotel.

  1. Take the MRT (subway/train)
    This is by far the cheapest option. You pay between 3 to 5 $ per person but you have to haul your bags around. I usually do not mind to carry 30kg on my back but with the humidity in Singapore this gets sweaty instantly.
  2. Take a shuttle
    Paying a moderate fixed price (ours was 9\$ p.p.) you will get dropped off directly at your hotel. You'll find the shuttles, when following the "transport info" signs.
    Drawbacks: You probably won't be the first to be dropped off, so it will take longer than using a taxi. Additionally, the shuttles only operate during peak hours.
  3. Taxi
    Well a Taxi is a Taxi. Expect to encounter a long line at the taxi stand after customs. When returning to the airport, make sure you flag it down unless you are willing to pay an additional 10\$ when you let the reception call the cab. From around china town you should be able to get away with 20\$.

Breakfast and Food in general

If you are in for the real experience, you don't book a complementary breakfast. Instead you head out on the streets and eat at one of the little food stores you encounter at every corner.


As mentioned earlier, the following suggestions / experiences are for a 1.5 days stop over. Adjust to your own liking and tell us your experiences in the comments.

  1. Sentosa Island
     Sentosa Island is a large amusement area offering about 40 attractions. See there homepage for details and the discounts they offer. You can easily spend the whole day on the islands. Walking around the island and visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium took about half a day and left us with plenty of time to explore the rest of the city.
    You get to Sentosa taking the MRT to Harbor Front station. From there it is a short walk to Sentosa station (Sentosa has its own "train" system) or the cable car station. Either way gets you on the island. The cable car is quite pricey considering the length of the trip and the fact that you get a better we from the Flyer or the marina bay hotel. Thus we only recommend it if you do not plan any other look out attractions.
  2. China town / little India and a walk to the marina
    Spending half the day on Sentosa gets you hungry. So get back on the MRT and pay either Chinatown or Little India a visit to get some food. Afterwards you are well prepared for a walk through the financial district to the marina. Of course you can also book one of the commercial sight seeing tours. We love to walk through cities though, as it gives you a good way to take in the atmosphere.
  3. Singapore Flyer
    As the sun sets, you can enjoy a ride on the Singapore Flyer, take in the city lights and end the day with a well earned meal at the bay.
  4. Gardens by the bay
    Depending on your flight schedule the next day, we recommend to visit the gardens by the bay. You might think the Chinese garden could be an alternative. But unless you need a spot made for your Qigong session, this is just plain boring. Trust us, we even fell asleep on the benches there :-)

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