Start your time travel at Steampunk HQ in Oamaru

You have a vivid imagination and you wonder what creativity can turn scrap metal into? Then you have to visit the Steampunk HQ at Oamaru. At the time of writing we have been travelling New Zealand for three weeks and besides beautiful nature and wildlife, the Steampunk HQ is the one thing standing out. Even if you are not into Steampunk go there and see were your inspriation takes you. Outside of the museum an airship and a train are on display. Feeding them with a 2\$ coin gives you a glimps of what to expect inside.

The major highlights are the organ you can play on and the misterious portal, which allows to experience light and sound in a new dimension. Entering the half lit, old brick built building you are greated by a slightly moldy scent mixed with remains of welding scrap metal. It instantly fits the steampunk scheme. You feel the athmosphere of an old victorian building where huge and powerful machines are created. Explore the premisses, touch the sculptures and use the tools on display to take your own pictures. Just let yourself go and enjoy it.

The entertaining factor of the Steampunk HQ is the best we encountered in New Zealand. The host is very nice and she encourages you to take pictures and share them on social media with them. Just how I envision a modern business to engage with its customers :-)

For me, the artwork displayed in the Steampunk HQ, is the work of Jean Tinguely warped into another dimension. Where Tangelue created moving machines, Steampunk HQ creates wonderful sculptures of scrap metal and interactive machines fitting the Steampunkt universe.