Two days in Singapore

We arrived in Singapore late in the evening and got a little shock when entering the arrival terminal... The arrival hall was full of tourist lines for the taxis. Therefore, we decided to wonder around a little bit and bingo: If you turn left and walk straight through to the end of the arrival hall, you get to the "Transport Info". For nine \$, we entered a mini bus together with two further couples and reached our hotel about 45 minutes later.

We staid at the Kam Leng Hotel by JL Asia which we had booked as the double room price was below 100 \$ per night and had plenty of positive feedback on diverse travel platforms. Although the location is good (about five to ten minutes walk to the next train stations - Lavender or Farrer Park) and there is a good Chinese restaurent across the road (open at all times), we both would not recommend this hotel. The rooms have a mouldy smell, are very very clairaudient and the bathroom consists of a shower placed right next to the toilet (means no shower curtains which results in a complete wet toilet after each shower).
If you then try to dry the toilet seat with one layer toilet tissue, you treasure the toilet tissue at home;-) Moreover, the room was not clean: We found wisps of black hair on the towls, on the floor and even in the bed which was really disgusting.

Anyway, the climate (above 30°C with a high air moisture) was fantastic for me while Martin was suffering quite a bit. Luckily, he survived because he is a tough man who does not know any pain;-)

So, back to our two day trip. The first day, we desperately tried to find a restaurant near our hotel that offered European breakfast. As we did not find any, we ended up in our Chinese restaurant across the road with rice and leek. After this delicious breakfast, we started off to Sentosa Island. We got to the island via cable car which gives you a good opportunity to get an idea of Singapore´s dimensions...

On Sentosa itself, you have a lot of activity and restaurant options. After we had searched for about an hour for a restaurant, we surprisingly ended up with Chinese food again;-) Then, we went to the S.E.A Aquarium. Although this was quite expensive, we both enjoyed the visit. The highlight was definitely the pool full of sharks. 

In the evening, we visited Chinatown and walked through the complete city to the big wheel. My impression of Singapore: Expensive, loud, hectic, colourful and clean (although I did find some cigarett stubs on the street;-)). When reaching the big wheel, we were glad to get some rest for our feet. The big wheel itself was nice (especially at night) but I would say it is too expensive for what it offers.

Anyway, on our way back home, we enjoyed a cool coconut milk and slept very very well that night.

The second day, we visited the Chinese and Japanese Garden as these were the only attractions for free and we wanted to spare our travel budget. Now, we know why they are for free: There is simply nothing to see except some green meadows and a Chinese tower. So, we took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep in the shadow on one of the plenty benches. 

Arriving back at our hotel, we asked the receptionist to order a taxi for us. Upon arrival at the airport, our taxi driver added ten $ on our price and explained to us that this is the base fee you have to pay, if you order a taxi. As the receptionist had not told us about this, we refused to pay this fee (also due to the fact that the taxi driver took ages to arrive and the receptionist prevented us to stop a taxi driving on the street).

Altogether, Singapore is ok for a two day stop-over but as tourist you easily feel ripped off as everything is really expensive and not always worth the money. The fact that tourists pay higher prices than locals does not meet my conviction of fairness.